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User interface design for data analysis

I began my design journey with a screen designed by developers, for developers. Project VITAS is a stock manager (and much more than that) for car dealers and car companies. It’s an online dashboard that handles automation tasks and other essential tasks for a car company. It lets you know if that old Ford there has been sitting in your stock too long, and if you need to get rid of it. It’ll also let you know the history of other cars.

UI Design

How should we design a layout which would be scannable, allowing the user to scan all the information? How can we make it compare information on one list, and what does Google Material suggest on tables? What will happen when we add a cars thumbnail, and what is the minimum font-size we can use, so people who are using the system regularly can enjoy the usability and clearness of data? There were many questions to think about and answer. Just to remind you that icon design, falls out of the scope of this project and that’s why there is plenty of dummy text on these screens.

Mobile Design

Although the mobile design was out of the scope of this project, I came up with some screens, exploring the visual possibility we could offer.