LobsterInk and its clients:
Intercontinental Hotel Group
Dubai Tourism
  • UX Design
  • UI / Visual Design


Creating the biggest learning management system for the hospitality industry

At Lobsterink, everybody agreed that the learning management system, used by 100.000 users in 120 countries, needed improvement. It’s a system used by big brands like Hilton, Intercontinental hotels, Accorhotels and Kempinski to train and educate their staff working across all areas of hotels all around the globe, from Washington DC to Dubai, and from Cape Town to Bangkok.

I worked as a UX designer, under the supervision of the head of the Product Design department. Working on a big Software as a Service (SaaS) with a detailed backend, my main aim was to create detailed interactive prototypes and present all the interactions and scenarios to the team. And as a team member of an Agile Scrum team, I was in contact with the product owner, testers and others to ensure the development of the online service and learning management system which was focused on users, while still considering the business and end-users in the design process.

The art of functional prototyping 

Interactive prototyping

When we design a product, we need to run through all the actions performed by the user and define how the system should react at each step.

How should we add a category? How should the process be for adding a new user or removing them? Where, when and how do we show an error alert? For each of these questions, I came up with a prototype created in Axure RP Pro, which is clickable, in functioning HTML and which shows all the steps and details to developers.


The design of the learning environment was based on Google Material Design and building any new element required an extensive knowledge of Google Material. In addition, working on a big team, alongside other designers, meant that strong expertise around file versioning, file collaboration and everything you need to keep the design files and process consistent during the project, was required. uses Lobsterink LMS and online courses to provide world-class online training to hotel owners all around the world. I had the chance to design the landing page used by many users and optimize the design for different screens. I also coded the page in HTML, CSS which is online and accessible at

Original state

Dubai Tourism

Another big organization using LobsterInk LMS is the Dubai government which uses a customized version of the LMS to train Dubai citizens and prepare them for the Dubai Expo 2020. As a part of the design process, I created interactions relating to online activities on mobile and desktop and documented all the actions and transition of each screen and animation.