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Bringing UX to the most popular telecommunication mobile app in the Netherlands

KPN, the biggest telecommunications company in the Netherlands, decided to improve their mobile app, MijnKPN which is used by millions of users daily to manage their accounts and keep track of their monthly phone and internet usage and costs.

As a UX advisor in this project, I came up with a detailed roadmap covering the most important points, and the most feasible options. During the design and development phases, I focused specifically on an end user who was absent for long periods of time.

The result is a presentation, which brings UX rules and experiments to the application and provides users with an application that is more useful and allows KPN to remain competitive with organizations such as t-Mobile and Vodafone.

How to convert a four-step tiring process to a more straightforward and simple one:

Using native iOS and Android switches, we can make the process shorter and reduce the taps and screens needed, from 4 to 2.