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Changing careers often comes with a lot of questions about daily responsibilities, quality of life, and what skills are required. It’s also natural to wonder how much you can expect to earn in your new position—especially before committing to a UX certification program or quitting your current job.

Like most careers, the salary of a UX designer can be quite variable depending on your experience level, the company you work for, and where you’re working. To help give you a better idea of what to expect—or to help you dream up the possibilities for where a career in UX might take you—we’ve compiled this guide on how much you can earn as a UX designer in 2020.

Here’s what we’ll cover :

  1. What’s the job market for UX designers?
  2. UX designer salaries by country
  3. UX designer salaries by company
  4. How to negotiate your first UX salary
  5. Outlook and takeaways

Ready to learn all about UX designer salaries around the globe? Let’s get started.

1. What’s the job market for UX designers?

Entering into a new career can be an exciting yet unpredictable territory to explore. You may not be sure if you can make the salary you desire or that you’ll have long-term security in your job. Luckily, the demand for UX designers has been steadily increasing since the birth of the UX industry. A study conducted in 2014 states that design-led companies often have higher stock market advantages and better performance overall.

To learn more about the job market for UX designers, check out this video:

2. UX designer salaries by country

Map displaying UX designer salaries by country

United States

Low: $59,000 USD
Average: $85,000 USD



Danial Keshani is an experienced UX/UI designer with a proven track rate of creating successful data-driven design systems. Danial combines passion and knowledge to create products with a user-centered design, based on solid research and detailed user observation. He also has extensive experience working with Scrum teams. From initial user interviews, wireframing and prototyping, to front-end coding for running multivariate testing, Danial contributes enthusiasm and insight to every project and team he works on.

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